Libellula Laser Software

What or Who is Libellula Software

The Company

Libellula is a software house, developer of CAD/CAM solutions for sheet metal industry,  available for both 2D and 3D different brands and types of cutting machines (laser, plasma,  oxyfuel, waterjet, punching and pipe cutting)


Libellula was born in 1988 in Italy and nowadays it is present in more than 60 countries,

with more than 15,000 customers and 20,000 active licenses

Libellula aims at excellence as well as being a leader in technological innovations. Libellula  is worldwide recognized as the best in class for Industry 4.0 (smart manufacturing for an  integrated and digitalized processing of informations, associated with the use of smart  technologies) and strong innovator of market products

More than 30 years of expertise on worldwide market supporting dozens of OEMs around the  world

 A full range of quality softwares that covers Laser, Plasma, Oxifuel, Waterjet cutting machines,

Pipe cutting machines, Combi machines, Bending machines

  Libellula.CUT and Libellula.TUBE, along with their modules and integrated modules, offers the  highest standard of interaction available in the market and the best solution for INDUSTRY 4.0

  The best nesting algorithm, NeXting By Libellula, can be distributed along with Libellula.CUT

  An entry level onboard CAM called Wizard PRO can directly installed on OEM’s Windows CNC  (Control Number)

  Libellula.TUBE is a top notch software representing the highest standards for Pipe cutting  machines

  SEQUAR is LIBELLULA’s own Cloud based ERP, that can communicate both with Libellula.CUT and  all the other CAD / CAM

  New fetures and improvements released every quarter !

  More than 14’000 customers all over the worlds

  Direct subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and China

  A worldwide network of LAC (Libellula Autorizhed Centre), resellers and agent, along with direct  subsidiary allows LIBELLULA to sell and support OEMs all around the world

  We value our partner manufacturers! With its agile and versatile R&D Department in direct  support of the OEM, Libellula represents nowadays the ideal partner for the producers of CNC  sheet metal cutting machines.